Change General Practitioner to 2100 Tid Samme Dag

15/04-2024: At the moment we are accepting new patients. Sign up here:

1. Press the link above.

2. Choose "Københavns kommune" and press “videre”. Log in with your MitID. 

3. Info about GDPR rules. Press "luk" and under the page indledning press “næste”.

4. On the subpage "årsag og dato" choose reason for change of doctor and todays date and press “næste”.

5. Choose the persons you want to change doctors for. 

6. On the subpage "vælg læge" under "Læge / Lægehus" type “2100 Tid Samme Dag” and press the button "søg".

7. Hereafter "2100 Tid Samme Dag" will appear. Then "vælg læge". 

8. On the subpage " Overdrag journal", choose "ja" if you want to get your medical journal transferred to 2100 Tid Samme Dag (our recommendation). 

9. Check the box “jeg accepterer betalingsbetingelserne” and then press “bekræft og gå til betaling”.

You will be redirected to the payment site. 

Cost of changing doctor is 220,- DKK.